Bistip mempertemukan traveler dengan penitip barang. Nitip dapet barang, dititip dapet tip..

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Solusi dari Problem!!

Bistip is one of the way to solve our problem, when we need to buy the item from overseas

With Bistip everything become more easier, i was often buying things from singapore, but it cost me a lot of time if i need to go there by myself and it was really a problem. After knowing bistip now i got lot of helping hands from travelers and the fee it was really cheap. Trust me bistip is the best

"SafePay is really safe and fast response"

Thanks Bistip
You Help Me A Lot

fastest courier service

Bistip a cheapest courier and fastest courier service in indonesia and product deliver to singapore only taking 1 days with only 50000 price

thanks bistip

Disney Store Tokyo

Buka jasa penitipan barang dari Tokyo
Ada yg nitip product Disney Store
Mayan buat nambah2 pemasukan sekaligus amal nolongin orang laen
2 thumbs up buat Bistip

Great Expeience

BisTip is best way to get what you want .
BisTip is good way to exchange goods .

First ever barang from India

AS a part of global iniative bistip has open it doors to India. It should be noted the barang from India are more cheaper compared to europe and America. One of the bistip customers seen my trip and asked for a blue ray dvd and its deliever in the cost less 50 price in America. I suggest to all bistipers to look into ecommerce site below

India travel is cheap too although little.tough but

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