Bistip is an innovative marketplace for peer to peer courier service. Bistip connects travelers and item lookers. Travelers get side income, item seekers get their wish..

Frequently Asked Questions

> What is Bistiper, Traveler and Requester?

We call all the Bistip members as "Bistiper", while Traveler is the Bistiper who is willing to help you to get what you need from other location, and Requester is the item looker.

> And Request Post?

Traveler in demand by other users.

> How to do safe money transaction?

We recommend you to use our Bistip SafePay for easy and secure transaction in bistip.

> How do i start using Bistip SafePay?

You can click "Pay to" button on the right side of the message you sent to the Traveler.


Fill the details of your transaction and click "Continue".


> Who should initiate Bistip SafePay?

The Requester or the person who wants to pay.

> Can i cancel SafePay transaction and get a refund?

YES YOU CAN, under these conditions:

  • Requester has sent money for transaction and Traveler can cancel it because he/she could not get the item or rejected the request from the Requester. Once the transaction is canceled, the Requester's money will be refunded.


  • No news from the traveler for 30 days after the payment by Requester, and the transaction money will be refunded.

> Where can i find the information about Bistip SafePay Bank account?

After filling out the transaction details,


the Bank account information will appear including what to put for Bank Transfer Notes("Notes").


> Can I open the package that I got entrusted from someone?

First of all, just connect you who needs help and travelers who is willing to be entrusted to. We already thought about the safety of the travelers for this scenario, check out our Trust and Safety . In the Guide we mentioned that You must make sure you know what exactly the item you entrusted to. Ask for permission to open the content of the package and check it thoroughly.

> How can we decide the Tip amount for the Traveler?

We think it's not easy to set a standard for the Tip amount. For example: a small and light item might be an expensive item, or an item can be very important/urgent that someone is willing to pay high TIp for it. For now, we let the negotiation to be done amongst Bistip users. Please also read our Trust and Safety.

> How can we avoid scam?

Check the profile of a Bistip member, also if given check out their Facebook and Twitter account. Bistip also provide review system, you can use it to find out about a member track record.

> What does "Trusted by bistip team" means?

The Badge "Trusted by bistip team" only given to those that bistip team know and trust.

> How to get "Verified" review?

All review from Bistip SafePay transaction, will get "Verified" tag automatically.

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